Great Lakes Crystal Technologies (GLCT), a high-tech startup in Michigan’s Capitol Region, announced today it has joined the Resilient Infrastructure + Secure Energy (RISE) Consortium™.

The mission of the RISE Consortium™ is to address the energy security and climate crises by reimagining how we use, generate, transport, and store energy and how we build efficient, modern, resilient infrastructure. The RISE Consortium™ will work with innovators and experts to rapidly deploy technologies for installation and operational energy, integrate energy and climate resilience into performance contracting, and develop new business models to ensure those solutions are scalable. The RISE Consortium™ will also serve as an industry forum to engage with new federal energy and resilience policies, standards, and programs.

“The RISE Consortium is excited to welcome Great Lakes Crystal Technologies to its growing membership,” said Michael Wu, RISE Consortium Executive Director. “To solve complex climate and energy security challenges, we need innovative members that bring both their novel technologies and influential voices to build a stronger, more resilient nation. Great Lakes Crystal Technologies is a valued member.”

“Our semiconductor grade diamond materials have the potential to enable unprecedented performance in a number of applications in energy security and mobility,” said Keith Evans, GLCT President & CEO. “We believe membership in RISE is a great opportunity and look forward to working with the RISE team and their member organizations to develop unique and innovative solutions that will serve our nation’s future.”

About the Resilient Infrastructure + Secure Energy (RISE) Consortium™

The RISE Consortium™ is a national consortium whose members include manufacturers, technology startups, energy services companies, utilities, academic institutions, financiers, and legal, consulting, and engineering firms who wish to work with the federal government to accelerate energy and infrastructure modernization.

For more information about the RISE Consortium visit their website.

About Great Lakes Crystal Technologies (GLCT)

GLCT’s mission is to create a commercial source of semiconductor-grade diamond materials for advanced applications in high energy particle detection, x-ray and other photon optics, electronics, and quantum technology. GLCT launched in 2019 as a Michigan State University (MSU) startup with early support from Spartan Innovations and Red Cedar Ventures. The company has also benefited from the positive Michigan based ecosystem for startups receiving the Business Accelerator Fund and Emerging Technologies Fund, both of which are administered by the Michigan Small Business Development Center in partnership with the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

GLCT is a founding member of the Quantum Economic Development Consortium, a member of the Inaugural Cohort of the Duality Quantum Accelerator, and a member of the Resilient Infrastructure + Secure Energy (RISE) Consortium. For more information about GLCT visit their company website or send them an email.