About Us

Great Lakes Crystal Technologies (GLCT) has a mission to create a cost-effective source of high-performance diamond materials for advanced (non-gemstone) applications.

GLCT was started in June 2019 as a spin out of the world-class diamond materials and device collaboration between Michigan State University (MSU) and the Fraunhofer USA Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies (Fraunhofer USA CCD) which is located on MSU campus.

GLCT’s founders are Dr. Timothy Grotjohn, a Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at MSU who also collaborates with the Fraunhofer USA CCD as a Senior Scientist, and Dr. Keith Evans, a veteran of the post-silicon semiconductor industry who has deep experience in bringing new semiconductor materials to market.


  • High Power Switching Electronics

  • High Frequency Transistors

  • High Temperature Electronics

  • Magnetic Field Sensing

  • Quantum Technologies

  • High Performance Laser Optics

  • X-Ray Diffraction Optics

  • X-Ray Detectors


Our vision is of a future in which advanced crystalline diamond materials bring about broad based benefits in a multitude of applications throughout the world.


Great Lakes Crystal Technologies (GLCT) has a mission to become the leading provider of high-performance diamond materials for high-technology applications.

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