Great Lakes Crystal Technologies (GLCT) has established itself as a Michigan C-Corps corporation with plans to begin operations this coming Fall in the Van Camp Research and Incubator Center in East Lansing. Great Lakes Crystal Technologies’ co-founders Tim Grotjohn and Keith Evans signed the company’s formal incorporation on August 9th during a signing ceremony in Professor Grotjohn’s office on Michigan State University campus.

GLCT’s mission is to become the leading supplier of large area single crystal diamond materials for non-gemstone applications. The company spun out of the world-class diamond research collaboration between Michigan State University (MSU) and MSU-located Fraunhofer USA Center for Coatings and Diamond Technologies (CCD). Professor Grotjohn, MSU’s leading diamond expert and CCD’s director of research, serves as the company’s technical advisor. Dr. Evans, a post-silicon semiconductor industry veteran with over 20 years of experience in bringing new semiconductor materials to market, serves as the company’s president and CEO.

The company began organizing in June 2019 with support from Spartan Innovations, a subsidiary of MSU Foundation. The company retained the services of Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC, a leading law-firm headquartered in Lansing, MI, to prepare for the formal incorporation and to serve as the company’s primary corporate counsel.